about us

CASE BELARUS — CENTER FOR SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC RESEARCH BELARUS — is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan organization established in 2007. Our activities concentrate on development of the market economy and civil society in Belarus. We aspire to create a network of Belarusian economists and through their work to impact the economic and social policies pursued in Belarus and the society’s understanding of the economic developments.

CASE Belarus is part of CASE Network, which is the biggest research network in Central Europe and CIS, thus it benefits from sharing knowledge and experience of all CASE network members based in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. We share CASE’s core idea that evidence-based policy making is vital to the economic welfare of societies.

CASE Belarus’ mission is to boost market reforms in Belarus by providing constructive policy solutions and performing objective economic analysis in order to improve socio-economic well-being of the Belarusian society.

We strongly believe that existence of independent think-tanks providing non-partisan and professional researches is irreplaceable for civil society development in Belarus and that it will support the transition process in Belarus by helping to avoid at least some mistakes.

Management Board
Sierž Naŭrodski (President)
Aleś Alachnovič (Vice-President)

Supervisory Council
Piotr Kozarzewski (Chairman)
Ewa Balcerowicz
Dmytro Boyarchuk
Pavel Daneyko
Igor Pelipas

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