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Vulnerability issues of people aged 50+ in Belarus

Documents such as the Treaty establishing the European Community and the European Union (EU) Charter of Fundamental Rights set out fundamental social objectives, such as the promotion of employment and social protection, and include principles such as freedom, equality, and solidarity, and the right to fair and just working conditions, as well as social security and social assistance and equality between men and women. Читать далее

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COMPACT CITY. Fair and efficient urban development: a ‘compact city’ concept for Belarus (2017)

Previous studies revealed that hidden urban sprawl takes place in agglomeration ring of Minsk with 1 million m2 dwellings recently built in the capital’s nearby villages. According to the latest news, Belarus authorities urged to stop development of Minsk agglomeration ring and to use more efficient the opportunities of urban development within the city. CASE Belarus’ research shows that current urban sprawl in Belarus is inefficient and creates high costs for the society. Читать далее

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ENCON — Enhancing CSOs Contribution to Evidence-Based Policy Making for Vulnerable Groups (2017-2018)

CASE Belarus in cooperation with CASE (Poland), Institute of Economic Research of Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovakia), The Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University (Czech Republic), as well as ACT (Belarus) starts a project to enhance evidence-based policy towards vulnerable groups in Belarus. Читать далее

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Vulnerable Employment in Machinery in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine: Setting a Common Policy Agenda (2016)

Lead Organization: Belarusian Congress Of Democratic Trade Unions
Partners: Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine, Labour Institute, CASE Belarus
Project duration: 1 May 2016- 30 November 2016 Читать далее

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Economic Trends in Belarus

«Economic Trends in Belarus» is a new analytical product launched by CASE Belarus. The overview of main trends in the Belarusian economy in the recent months is based on the data presented in a quarterly issue of the Macroeconomic Review of Belarus. Unlike the Review which represents the unique panorama of the Belarusian economy in over 100 graphs and tables, the Economic Trends in Belarus describe the changes in the economy and economic policy analytically. Читать далее

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The Macroeconomic Review of Belarus

Quarterly issues of the Macroeconomic Review of Belarus represent the unique panorama in over 100 graphs and tables of the key economic indicators covering all sectors of Belarusian economy: real sector, fiscal sector, monetary sector, and external sector. There are less words, more data. We expect the Macroeconomic Review to be helpful for a wide range of local and external stakeholders interested in Belarus economy in general: from academia and public authorities to representatives of international organisations. Читать далее

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The Global Competitiveness Index (GCI): dynamics of the position of Belarus (2015-2016)

CASE Belarus implements the study using a unique micro-data from the 2012 poll jointly run by the Ministry of Economy of Belarus and CASE Belarus. The survey of Belarusian companies executives is to evaluate business opinion about the competitiveness of the economy using WEF methodology. Using results of other surveys and macroeconomic data of different international sources, the analysis of the potential place of Belarus in GCI report is performed. Читать далее

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Mapping out vulnerable sectors in the Eastern Partnership countries – structural change, Visegrad experience and relevance for EU policy (2015-2016)

CASE Belarus has joined the consortium led by Institute of World Economics, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies HAS in Budapest, Hungary, to overview the macroeconomic relevance of vulnerable sectors of EaP countries and give further sectoral analyses on two major segments, namely the machine-building industry and the energy and energy-intensive chemical sectors. Читать далее

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Capital and labour market in Belarus: equal status for long run growth

CASE Belarus implemented the study of relationship between development of capital and labour market of the country – two factor markets that make companies operate and grow, provide citizens with jobs and salaries. We argue that full employment in Belarus leads to underdevelopment of financial market in Belarus, thus creating barriers for companies in getting capital for further investments. The results of the study are presented in two new analytical research reports. Читать далее

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Orphans in Belarus: fighting negative effects for beneficiary groups (2013-2014)

CASE Belarus together with SOS Children’s Villages Belarus has successfully accomplished a two-year policy oriented project aimed at evaluation of national programs towards orphans in Belarus. Читать далее

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