Economic Value Added

Of the Belarusian Economy and its Sectors

CASE Belarus team utilises the concept of Economic Value Added (EVA) to see how the Belarusian economy has changed over the last 10 years

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We discuss the future of the Belarusian economy following the political turmoil of the August 2020 presidential elections

What does this political turmoil mean for the near future of the Belarusian economy? Will the economy survive if the protests continue? What will be the key to economic recovery?

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5 Lessons For Belarus

from CEE Economic Transformation

Based on the experience of the CEE countries’ economic transformation, we highlight five lessons for the purpose of the economic reforms that Belarus still faces today.

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Projects on Macroeconomy and Economic Sectors
Projects on Social Care
Projects on Urban and Local Development

CASE Belarus Team

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Sierz Naurodski
Ales Alachnovic - Vice-President
Ales Alachnovic
Dzmitry Babicki - Senior Researcher
Dzmitry Babicki
Senior Researcher

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