Belarus Economy in 2017

Macroeconomic review in graphs

The unique panorama in over 100 graphs and tables of the key economic indicators covering all sectors of Belarusian economy: real sector, fiscal sector, monetary sector, and external sector.

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11.2% of GDP

is stock market capitalisation in Belarus

Belarus’ equity market in terms of size is comparable to that of Slovenia. However, its liquidity is close to nothing (0,5% turnover ratio).

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Projects on Macroeconomy and Economic Sectors
Projects on Social Care
Projects on Urban and Local Development

CASE Belarus Team

Sierz Naurodski - President
Sierz Naurodski
Ales Alachnovic - Vice-President
Ales Alachnovic
Dzmitry Babicki - Senior Researcher
Dzmitry Babicki
Senior Researcher

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