Belarus and the EU: unrealized potential

In 2012 CASE Belarus published a book called “Belarus and the European Union: unrealized potential”. The publication contains a selection of 9 articles in English by junior Belarusian economists dedicated to the issues of integration of Belarus and European Union.  Recommended for researchers, academia, lectors, students and others from around the world interested in issues of Belarus’ economic development.


Table of contents: 

Cooperation on innovation: does Belarus innovate enough to be a partner? By Tatsiana Bartsevich

Financial and banking market of Belarus: risks in the period of financial instability and perspectives of integration into the world financial system. By Anton Dyadik

Cooperation between Belarus and the European Union for elimination of technical barriers to trade. By Darya Firsava

Legal Approximation with EU Law for Economic Benefit of Belarus: Case of State Aid. By Maksim Karluk

Using bankruptcy prediction models for Belarusian construction companies. By Yuliya Pratasenia

Modelling Belarusian export relations within regional integration. By Aksana Shkutsko

Transnational clusters: practice of the EU and prospects for the Republic of Belarus. By Marharyta Slizh

Reforming Belarusian Railway — learning from European and Russian experience. By Tatsiana Urbanovich

Labour mobility between Belarus and Poland as a local aspect of European integration. By Iryna Vashko


Click here to read the book.  

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