ENCON project — Enhancing CSOs Contribution to Evidence-Based Policy Making for Vulnerable Groups  — is implemented by CASE Belarus in cooperation with ACT (Belarus), CASE – Centre for Social and Economic Research (Warsaw, Poland), University of Brno (Czech Republic) as well as Institute of Economic Research of Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovak Republic) with the financial support of the International Visegrad Fund and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

The proposal is focused on evidence-based public policy literacy and enhancing the capacity of CSOs to effectively design and implement projects aimed at supporting vulnerable groups (VGs). It will support strengthening civil society in Belarus specifically via:

  • strengthening capacity of CSOs to participate in and contribute to policy dialogue and accountability processes at local and national level;
  • provide CSOs with methodology and case-studies to effectively argue for improved access of vulnerable groups of population and quality of services; and
  • promoting new innovative experiences and trends in social service delivery, in order to involve more and different CSOs under the Belarusian Law on Social Service Delivery.

Here you can find all the materials prepared within the project.