Evolutions in the Belarusian Economic System in 2010

On March 19, 2010, Aleś Alachnovič, CASE Belarus’ junior economist delivered a lecture about the recent changes in the Belarusian economy. The lecture took place as a part of the international conference «EU policies towards Belarus: Results and Perspectives» at the College of Europe in Natolin (Warsaw).

Aleś Alachnovič stated that the attention of belarusian economists and the media should be drawn not to the economic evolutions in Belarus but to the reasons of new shift in the economic policy of state. He explained that the negative tendencies in economy are much more visible than the introduced reforms. The belarusian economy is strongly dependant on cheap energy resources from Russia. With each annual rise in russian gas and oil belarusian enterprises are losing their competitiveness. Sooner or later Belarus will have to transform the economy due to economic disbalancies — high inflation, high current account deficit and the burden of high external debt. The earlier it starts the more favourable initial conditions it has.

Read more in «Recent Evolutions in the Belarusian Economic System» by Aleś Alachnovič.

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