IPM Research Center, BEROC and CASE Belarus launched Kastryčnіckі Ekanamіčny Forum 2013


IPM Research Center in cooperation with the Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center (BEROC) and the CASE Belarus held 5 November in Minsk (hotel “Europe”) “Kastryčnіckі Ekanamіčny Forum” (KEF). The purpose of the forum was to create a platform for open professional dialogue on sustainable development in Belarus.

The first event within the KEF was titled “New prospects or old challenges? Scenarios for the economy of Belarus” (KEF 2013). Its main objective was to provide the diagnosis of the economic situation in Belarus at the national and regional levels, taking into account trends in the global economy. The conference was attended by representatives of the economic authorities, Belarusian and foreign economists.

CASE Belarus contributed to the conference amongst others in terms of two presentations delivered by CASE Belarus Senior Researcher: Uladzimir Valetka (Topic: The impact of remittances on some macroeconomic indicators of Belarus) and Dzmitry Babicki (Topic: Utilization of the Belarusian transit potential: assessment of the situation in the transport sector and the essential reforms), as well as conducting of a panel: Sierž Naŭrodski (Topic: Constraints and opportunities for the regional development in Belarus).

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