Scientific interests
– Infrastructure economics (transport, energy)
– European Neighborhood Policy, Eastern Partnership, EU-Belarus relations
– Economic transition
– Social security system in Belarus and the EU

Current positions
– Researcher (June 2013 – present), Research Assistant (June 2012 – May 2013), Intern (June 2011-May 2012), CASE Belarus
– Journalist (December 2006 – Present), Polish Radio External Service – Belarusian Section

Projects at CASE Belarus
The support of private passenger transportation companies by activisation of passenger transport associations
Over the Hedge: Myths about the European Union in Belarus

-MA in Economic Sociology, the University of Lancaster-Center for Social Studies, Warsaw. Supervisor: Professor Andrzej Rychard
– MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies, College of Europe – Natolin campus (2009-2010). MA Thesis Title: Challenges to the EU’s Eastern Partnership: Case of Belarus (in French). Supervisor: Professor Hannes Adomeit.
– MA in Political Science and Certificate of Specialisation in Political Marketing, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences (2004-2009). MA Thesis Title: ‘Presence of Myths in the Political Discourse of Belarusian Authorities’ (in Polish). Supervisor: Professor Tomasz Żyro

– Belarusian (native), Russian (native), English (fluent), Polish (fluent), French (fluent).

Selected publications
1.  “SME support infrastructure in Poland. Example of active cooperation between the state authorities and the third sector” (in Belarusian), in: U. Valetka [ed.] On the Road to Economic Growth. Potential for Development of Market Institutions in Belarus, CASE Belarus, Minsk, 2013
2. “Market for taxi services in the countries of European Union” (ed. D. Babicki), CASE Belarus, Warsaw, October 2011
3. “Social Security in Belarus and the EU” in: D. Meliantsou (et al.), “Over the Hedge: Myths about the European Union in Belarus”, Eastern Europe Studies Centre, Vilnius, July 2011
4. “Unfinished Business: challenges for Belarus on its way to democracy” (with A. Łahviniec), European View, Volume 9/Number 2, December 2010
5. “Les défis du Partenariat oriental: le cas du Belarus”, Natolin Best Master Thesis series, 3/2010