Аreas of expertise
Public management
Local governance
Financial system reform

Current positions
President, CASE Belarus (2007 – present)

PhD Candidate, Warsaw School of Economics
MA in Economics (2003), Public Sector Economics, Warsaw University
Diploma in Economics (2002), Public and Local Aministration, Belarus State Economic University

Selected publications

Other publications:

  • Alachnovič A., Naŭrodski S. (2011), “Belarus and Economic Crisis of 2008-2009. Impact on relations with Poland”, In: Economic Crisis 2008-2009 in Eastern Europe and Baltic States (ed. Krzysztof Falkowski), Warsaw School of Economics Publishing, Warsaw 2011
  • Tamosiunas A., Hristev E., Ladus R., Iovita V., edited by Naūrodski S (2007), Strenthening the local governance in Moldova through improved transparency of local budgets, Chisinau, 54p.
  • Wilczyński M., Cylwik A., Osiak J., Naūrodski S., Rzeszotarski B., Tsarenko A., Grelik M., Gawlik A., Herasimovich V. (2007), Anaysis of Ukraine’s potential in production and export of liquid bio-fuel (in Polish), Warsaw, 89p.
  • Naūrodski S. (2007), The Potential of Small and Medium Entreprises in Belarus
  • Swianiewicz P., Naūrodski, S., Tokmazishvili M. (2006), Handbook for Local Government Manager. Tbilisi. 56 p.
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