The Simon Kuznets Award for young economists has been founded by CASE Belarus

The first prize winner of The Simon Kuznets Award became Maksim Karluk, young Belarusian researcher from Minsk.

On Thursday, July 26 CASE Belarus presented the results of the competition of scientific papers “EU-Belarus: unrealized potential”.

The result of the competition is a collection of scientific papers on economic relations between Belarus and the European Union. CASE Belarus’ experts named the authors of the three best papers.

The winners of the competition are young Belarusian researchers Maksim Karluk, Iryna Vaško and Taćciana Urbanovič. Besides, Maksim Karluk, who analyzed the regulation of state aid in Belarus, became the first prize winner of Simon Kuznets award.

This is a new award for young researchers from Belarus in the field of economics, which has been founded this year by CASE Belarus. It is expected that  Simon Kuznets award will become a yearly tradition.

Simon Kuznets (1901-1985) was a world famous economist, 1971 Nobel Prize winner, born in Belarus. His work on the business cycle (including his discovery of «Kuznets swings») and disequilibrium aspects of economic growth helped launching development economics. He also studied inequality over time, and some of his results are known as Kuznets Curve.

According to Sierž Naŭrodski, executive director of CASE Belarus, the prize will motivate young Belarusian economists to carry out new studies on economics and to develop Belarusian economic thought.

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